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Create professional acting showreels at The Workshop

Everything you need to make your showreel stand out from the crowd. Visit our centre in Cardiff Bay to see our facilities.

Showreel Facilities: Welcome
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Promote your best scenes

A showreel is a moving CV for actors, and when they are done properly, can be extremely interesting to watch. It allows casting directors to not only see you looking the part, it lets them see you acting the part as well. At The Workshop in Cardiff Bay, we can help up and coming performers create new showreels in addition to supporting seasoned actors who need the facilities to edit their existing showreels.

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Showreels for actors

The film and television industry is a highly competitive area to work in, and having an up to date acting showreel is a great tool for actors wanting to excel in the business. Without an actors showreel what proof do you have of your talent? For most new actors having a showreel is a foot in the door to getting their next job, and as your showreel builds up so does your career.

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Showreel editing suite

A showreel is an investment, it's a moving CV that is used to promote your skills, talents, and experience to casting directors. As you gain more experience working within the industry there will come a time when you need to update your showreel with your latest work, that's where The Workshop can help. We have the full range of facilities required to edit your showreel including our advanced editor suite. Email for more information.

Showreel Facilities: About

Showcase your work the right way

For more information on our showreel and self-tape facilities in Cardiff Bay, either give us a call or complete our contact form below.

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